Project status
Webb Dock
Start Date
Aug 2015
Completion Date
Oct 2016

Located at Webb Dock in Port Melbourne, 10 minutes outside Melbourne's CBD, the project reconfigured and redeveloped Webb Dock East, returning it to its original role as an international container handling facility. The upgraded facility is one of the most technologically advanced, environmentally sustainable and safest container terminals in the world, capable of handling the equivalent at least one million shipping containers per annum

This project comprises of the supply of:

  • 1,304m of Gantrex slab track crane rail fastening systems – Ship to Shore (STS)
  • 5,680m of Gantrex ballasted crane rail fastening systems – Automatic Stacking Crane (ASC) track

This is a unique project where the Ballasted ASC Gantrex System is one of only 4 in the world.