Salix delivers the whole supply process from initial order, design, manufacture, delivery and through to final construction completion with a focus of quality assurance at each step. 

Salix is known for undertaking the tough projects; we have built our business on delivering the projects that have a high degree of technical expertise.


Proven delivery model

We maintain our competitive advantage in the marketplace by using a customisable supply system to maximise customer value. Our robust delivery model ensures we meet scope, budget, quality and program.

We use tier one supply chain management processes to handle multiple supply routes, manage lead times and minimise delivery risk, ensuring reliable customer access to high-end rail product technology from one source.

To meet the delivery schedule, we use advanced systems to monitor factory productivity and improve efficiency rates. We have logistic experts to provide dedicated solutions for every railway product that we provide.

Authorised Engineering Organisation

We deliver on our contracts using accredited systems and world-class manufacturing partners. Salix is the only turnout supplier that has been granted Authorised Engineering Organisation (AEO) status.

As an AEO, our clients have justified confidence in our capability to deliver quality technical solutions and results.


Exclusive supply

Salix is the premier supplier of rail products and has exclusive manufacturing partners throughout the world. All products are proven in tough operational climates, remote locations and busy urban centres.

With access to world-class facilities producing thousands of turnouts a year, buffer stops, crane rail systems and other rail construction products every year. Salix has sufficient capacity to meet project demand and the delivery program.



The quality of our manufacturing is second-to-none. We are quality, safety and environmentally approved with accreditation for ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001.

On every project, our team carries out 100 percent inspections at our factories, prior to shipping and on arrival for all components to prove compliance, performance and quality.

Our project management team ensure the products are safely delivered on time – always.