Project status
Port Melbourne
McConnell Dowell
Start Date
Oct 2017
Completion Date
May 2019

Port of Melbourne Operations Pty Ltd (PoMO) required the rehabilitation works at Swanson Dock East Berth 1. Based on PoMO’s advice it is understood that SDE1 has been in service since 1969, and was life expired. The rehabilitation works would include laying on new crane rail track for ship to shore cranes.

Scope of works:

  • 792m of A75 crane rail
  • 774m of 2980mm long Gantrex sole plates
  • 2,600 Gantrex W20/BI RailLok clips
  • 780m Gantrex RailLok Mk9.0 C200 rail pads
  • 1,600 levelling screws