Project status
Doha, Qatar
Leighton Contracting, Doha
Start Date
Jun 2014
Completion Date
Mar 2016

Education City in the western outskirts of Doha, Qatar is a new, 14km² district with different educational institutions. Approximately 1,300 students are enrolled at the 6 western universities of Education City. In addition to the universities, the district also accommodates several educational facilities for children and adolescents as well as research institutes.

Once all facilities have been completed, the entire campus will be car-free. The different institutes will be connected by a battery operated, 11.5km long streetcar system with 26 stations. The People Mover System will transport 3,300 passengers per hour in each direction using a total of 19 trains.

This project involves manufacture and supply of 60R2 – Grooved rail turnouts, Single and Double Junctions and 49E1 - Turnouts, Crossovers, Scissor Crossovers. The below scope was manufactured and delivered within Twenty-four (24) months from signing of the contract.

Scope of Supply:

  • 49E1 - Twenty-Seven (27) off LH/RH Turnouts
  • 49E1 - Nine (9) off LH/RH Crossover
  • 49E1 - Two (2) off Scissor Crossover
  • 49E1 - Depot Ladder Arrangements
  • 60R2 - Three (3) off Single Junctions
  • 60R2 - One (1) off Double Junction
  • 60R2 and 49E1 IRJs and transition rails