Project status
New Zealand
Start Date
Apr 2016
Completion Date
Apr 2025

Kiwi Rail Holdings Limited is a NZ stated owned enterprise responsible for the rail operations in New Zealand. Kiwi Rail has also known as the largest rail transport operator which provides New Zealand’s freight, passengers, and supply chain industries the most cost effective and sustainable solutions.

It is a 9 years’ exclusion supply agreement with KiwiRail involves design, manufacture and supply new standard tangential turnouts, crossovers, and turnout rodding to the NZ market. These new standard turnouts feature the highest standard of components improved the overall performance and product cycle life.

Scope of Supply:

  • NZR50KG – 250+ Tangential turnouts (R96, R140, R250 and R560)
  • NZR50KG – 25+ Tangential Crossovers (R96, R140, R250 and R560)
  • NZR50KG – 5 off Scissors Crossovers
  • NZR50KG – 5 off Double &Single Slip 
  • NZR50KG – Track Spares
  • Points Rodding suitable for NZ National Track Levers
  • Points Rodding suitable for M23A/M3A Points Machine