Project status
Canberra, ACT
Start Date
Jul 2018
Completion Date
Oct 2019

The Canberra Light Rail has transformed Canberra by integrating the transport network across the city. The first stage of Light Rail connects Gungahlin, through Dickson to the city. 

We were engaged to design and supply light rail buffer stops capable of interfacing with the LRV's to provide safety critical protection at light rail stops in pedestrianised urban environments. Owing to the location, the buffer stops were also designed to fit in with the surroundings in an aestheically appealing manner.

Additional scope was to provide innovative wheel stops for use in depot maintenance pits, these wheel stops incorporated a pop up mechanism that was activated by the passing wheel to ensure rollaway of parked vehicles did not occur.

Scope of supply:

  • Four (4) off BP502 friction buffer stops
  • Four (4) off buffer stop enclosures
  • Two (2) off retractable wheel stops for 51R1 grooved rail