Salix is the premier designer and supplier of solutions-based buffer stops in Australia, working closely with designers to ensure the highest safety standards are met with this critical track product.

Salix has supplied buffer stops to all the major railway owners in Australia and key partners in overseas markets.

We have full type approval with all the major railways including Sydney Metro, TfNSW, ARTC, MTM, PTA & QR networks. Salix has developed a full product range and can supply any type of buffer stop: 

  • Fixed only buffer stop – end of line fixed position stop for low speed impacts
  • Friction only buffer stop – rigid frame system with friction sliding shoes to decelerate train impact at an allowable rate 
  • Fixed hydraulic buffer stop – end of line fixed position stop with hydraulic ram for vehicle impact reduction 
  • Hydraulic friction combination buffer stop  rigid frame system with friction sliding shoes and hydraulic ram for extra retardation at higher impact forces 
  • Crane rail buffer stops – Special crane rail fixed and fixed hydraulic stops for use in crane rail environments

Salix is committed to collaborating with rail operators, designers and constructors to ensure that the buffer stops are designed and supplied to meet the track requirements and criteria for this safety critical piece of infrastructure